Coming Up: "Marking Space" Exhibit at Chimento Contemporary

I’m excited to announce my first solo show, “Marking Space,” at Chimento Contemporary, which opens September 7, 2019 with a reception from 5-8 pm. My new pieces combine painting, printmaking, and collage to create abstract works that represent different views of our current landscape.

”Marking Space”

Pamela Smith Hudson

September 7-October 19, 2019

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 7, 5-8 pm

Chimento Contemporary

4480 W. Adams Blvd., Los Angeles (map)

From Chimento’s show notes:

“Smith Hudson’s exciting new body of works on panel, prints on paper, and large-scale paintings embrace the internal and external pressures of living in Los Angeles. Smith Hudson utilizes mixed media forms to reimagine the chaos and stillness of the city’s cultural landscape.

Through an arch of topographical minimalism, her stylistic abstractions are succinctly executed by way of experimental printmaking. By utilizing ceramic and encaustic, she fashions her unique perspectives on culture into durable, albeit delicate marks, patterns, and organic shapes. Informed through the lens of anthropology, her landscapes are defined by issues that traverse the physical surfaces of our world: homelessness, global environmental disaster, and the freneticism of mechanistic ‘traffic.’

All works in this exhibition aim to cement the cultural landscape of our moment in contemporary history. A native Angeleno, Hudson’s encaustic abstractions are also informed by the cool tones of jazz, punk, rhythm, and movement, that coalesce into densely emotional embodiments of both the physical and metaphysical world.”

From LA Weekly’s “Best of LA Arts” issue, in the “Can’t-Miss Fall Art Shows” story:


"How They Ran" Exhibit Opening at Over the Influence Gallery

Fabulous opening night for the "How They Ran" exhibit at Downtown LA's Over the Influence gallery! The turnout was great and it was a thrill to be in a show with so many other inspiring women.  

On Film: Getty Museum Video

A video team from Getty Museum enlisted Pam to demonstrate the encaustic paining process (pictured, a behind the scenes photo from the shoot) for a film that will showcase local, contemporary artists employing ancient art techniques. When it's completed, the video will be shown at the Getty Villa.

Behind the scenes at the Getty Museum video shoot.

Behind the scenes at the Getty Museum video shoot.

Upcoming Show: Pamela Smith Hudson at Over the Influence Gallery

We're excited to announce a Pam will be part of the "How They Ran" group show at the Over the Influence gallery in Downtown LA, which opens August 11. The show is named for Germaine Greer’s landmark text “The Obstacle Race” from 1979, and Pam will show a new piece, "Hold Your Seat." Other artists in the show: Miya Ando, Amanda Maciel Antunes, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Uta Barth, Whitney Bedford, Tanya Brodsky, Kelly Brumfield-Woods, Jo Ann Callis, Katy Cowan, Dinah Diwan, Francesca Gabbianai, Mercedes Helnwein, Barbara Kruger, Alice Lang, Hilary Pecis, Ke Peng, Vanessa Prager, Monique Prieto, Jennifer Rochlin, Anja Salonen, Kim Schoenstadt, Ali Silverstein, Jen Stark, Kerry Tribe, Lesley Vance, Lisa Diane Wedgeworth, and Megan Whitmarsh. More on the show from the Over the Influence Gallery.