Classes and Workshops

Classes and Workshops

Pamela Smith Hudson Studio is available to hire for in-person classes and workshops in:


  • This course provides students with the opportunity to explore a variety of innovative materials and techniques to enhance their artistic abilities. 


  • Create beautiful one-of-a-kind prints with ease using gelation and plexiglass plates and learn surprising tricks to mimic traditional printmaking. Experiment with layering imagery, making and using stencils, making your own mark-making tools and exploring a variety of inks, papers
    and found objects. 


  • Encaustics is an ancient painting process that uses beeswax, damar resin and pigments. It is one of the most beautiful  and versatile mediums. 
    All classes cover the basics (set up, safety, layering, and fusing).  Workshops focus on collage, image transfer, surface design, and printmaking. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes are offered.


  • A course designed to help inspire artists and help them develop fresh ideas, bodies of work, and a new approach to their creative process through techniques and materials using Pamela's intuitive approach


"I loved all the materials, techniques and projects you had for us to try [in the workshop]. Your enthusiasm and encouragement, along with your knowledge and experience, created an amazing learning environment. I certainly got my money’s worth, and gained some useful new skills. From my perspective, all the effort you put into the workshop paid off. Sure hope you got the help you needed to clean up!" -- Anne Moore, Professional Artist

"I recently took Pam Hudson’s Encaustic I class at OTIS. I have studied art over the years with many different teachers. Pam is one of those rare gem instructors you find in a lifetime. I have never had such a talented, enthusiastic, encouraging teacher. With her extensive background in printmaking and comprehensive knowledge of materials, she’s a read find. I like the way she taught each person at their level and evaluated us individually. Very honestly, not the “everyone who participates gets a trophy” teacher, but giving real feedback in such a way that makes you dig more deeply and accomplish your individual goals. This is essential for any student who really wants to learn and grow, not just an artist but as a person. Pam is absolutely fantastic, highly recommended!!!!" -- Stephanie Layne, Student

"Pam is a people person! She has in-depth knowledge of the art materials world as well as the art industry in general. Working with Pam was instrumental in jumpstarting my carrier as an artist.As a consultant, she is always positive, energetic, a go-getter with excellent contacts and it was inspiring to work with her. She is an individual with integrity who loves her job!If you're an artist who's not sure how to get to the next level, Pam is the person to talk to!" -- Frank Eber, Professional Artist Frank Eber AWS, NWS, TWSA, WW

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June 2-August 20, 2018Encaustic Painting Workshop at Otis College of Art and Design Extension. The class is open to all levels (beginners welcomed)


Printmaking Workshop with Pamela Smith Hudson , The South Bay Contemporary, SoLA Gallery, March 2018
Workshop on how to easily make your own monoprint, using brushes, rollers, or ink and hand. It's an especially fun method for kids or first-time printmakers.

- Encaustic Mixed Media Lab- Los Angeles County Museum of Art Los Angeles, CA (2015-2013)
Encaustic is an ancient painting process that uses molten beeswax, damar resin, and pigment. In this class, Participants cover all the basics, including image transfer techniques, collage, surface design and printmaking. See examples of and be inspired by encaustic through an exploration of LACMA’s collection.

- Mixed Media Abstract Painting-Los Angeles County Museum of Art Los Angeles, CA (2015)
Stimulate your creativity through mixed media to create abstract painting. Getting inspired by the special exhibition Variations: Conversations in and around Abstract Painting. Explore the diverse that the artists in this exhibition used to create their works and learn different techniques to create arrange of masterpieces of your own.

- Contemporary Printmaking: Off the Press with Washi, Wax and Ink –Hiromi Papers-Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA (2013)
Create one of a kind prints with ease with Gelatin plates. Learn surprising tricks to mimic traditional printmaking and also more experimental techniques with found objects and stencils. Then experiment with Enkaustikos encaustics and make encaustic prints with an amazing selection of Washi papers. No printing press needed walk away with a full portfolio of prints. 

- Exploring Encaustic Painting/ Gelatin Printmaking with Wax-Catalyst Workshop/Gallery, Westminster, CA (2014-2012)

- Contemporary Printmaking without a Press/ Encaustic Mixed Media Workshops

- Press San Clemente Art Supply, San Clemente, CA (2014-2011)